Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Catching Up...

With the wedding less that two months away, I unfortunately have not had time to post very often. If I were to have some spare cycles, here are a few things about which I would write:

  • A recap of our dinner with Jeremiah and Tesha at Manresa back in March, complete with pictures of course

  • Our short trip to Napa, doing a bit of wine tasting and ending the day with a fabulous dinner on the patio at the newly renovated 25° Brix in Yountville

  • A short congrats to the 2008 Bay Area James Beard Award winners

  • Five Facts for Karen: After I posted my list for Scott, Karen suggested that I have a list with non-food related facts

  • Progress on "The List" - yes, I will share it with everyone some day...
There are more things, but these were the ones that came to the top of my mind. Of course, I will also write more about our wedding: the planning that we did, the vendors that we chose, etc. But all in good time...

I hope that everyone has a restful and relaxing Independence Day! I know that I can use the day off. Don't forgot about your favorite annual eating contest. Let's see if anyone will break the 20000 calorie barrier at Coney Island this year.