Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Top Chef Chicago: The Block Party

Three weeks into the new season of Top Chef and the first San Francisco-based chef is gone. It was too bad to see Erik go - having eaten at his restaurant, I was hoping that he would stick around for a while. So much for those rumors.

It was interesting to see the SF contestents group themselves onto the same team, though given the political leanings of this area, it probably would have been more appropriate if they had been on the Blue Team.


David Dust said...

You ate at the Restaurant Of Satan?!? You are brave.

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Loren said...

David, your commentary is hilarious! Yes, for the record, I have eaten at Circa, though admittedly it was quite a while ago.

tesha said...

I was irritated with the judges this show. The judges told the first group the split between the winning group and the losing group was really close, then they tore the second group apart. This just didn't seem fair. Anyway, it was time for Eric to go since his cooking has been relatively poor in the previous shows. I liked him, but his plates were always messy and he should have known better than serving corn dogs since he makes them at his restaurant. Anyway, I like the show. Thanks for turning me on to it Loren!