Friday, July 13, 2007

Range: Our Dinner in Pictures

Last weekend, Karen and I were finally able to meet up with Tesha and Jeremiah for dinner out on the town. Even though my ex-pat friends have been back in the Bay Area for over nine months, it's been amazingly difficult find a mutually workable time to get together for a nice, sit-down dinner due to our exceedingly busy schedules. In fact, we were fortunate that Tesha had just flown back from Europe last Friday and was eager to meet up for dinner (despite the jet lag).

Karen and I thought that we would introduce them to one of our favorite dining spots in San Francisco, Range (842 Valencia Street; 415-282-8283), a Mission District destination featuring American cuisine. Karen has this knack for picking out up and coming restaurants before they become the buzz of the town. Range was one such find, a restaurant that we visited well before it received its Michelin star rating.

We started our dinner with a round of drinks. The ladies both opted for a peach bellini, while we guys went for the cocktails: Jeremiah had a Dark and Stormy, while I chose the Siren. While we were sipping on our drinks, we ordered a couple of appetizers. We put in for an order of the chicken liver mousse, the silky smooth and fabulously tasty starter. It was so good that I probably could have devoured the entire serving by myself. Since Tesha isn't a big fan of offal, she started out with a bowl of the lentil soup, which was also quite good as well.

After we polished off the starters, we each ordered a glass of wine to go with our main course. Rather than going through a detailed analysis of each of our entrees, all of which were very good, I'll let the photos do most of the talking.

Karen ordered the Alaskan halibut with a stew of pancetta, flageolet beans and fennel:

I went with the slow cooked pork shoulder with romano beans and a morel mushroom sauce:

Jeremiah ordered the special of the evening, roasted quail on a bed of trumpet mushrooms:

After some deliberation, Tesha picked the pan-seared hanger steak with fingerling potatoes and a horseradish sauce:

As usual, the food was fantastic. Each dish was generously portioned, full of flavor, and just well-executed. As delicious as the entrees were, the desserts, made in-house by pastry chef Michelle Polzin, might have been even a bit better.

The bittersweet chocolate-armagnac soufflé with chocolate sauce:

The strawberry shortcake with lemon cream:

Freshly made crêpes with blackberries and ice cream:

The Three Sister's Serena cheese plate with raw cow’s milk cheese with date purée and hazelnuts:

A snapshot of us, the happy diners:

Once again, our dinner at Range was excellent. It is simply a great place for dinner, whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just passing though the neighborhood during the evening hours. Range is one restaurant that I plan to visit again and again.


tesha said...

Range with my foodie peeps was great... I must admit the dessert was far superior to the main course. Thanks for taking us to one of your favorites! Can't wait for the next surprise location!

Thomas said...

next time you are in D-land, let me know I will surprise and delight you with a great spot.

What wine did you do with this?

Loren said...

Sounds good, Thomas!

I had a 2005 Belle Vallée Pinot Noir from Oregon to go with the pork shoulder. I'm not sure what other people had with their entrees though.