Monday, July 16, 2007

Introducing... What We Ate

Here's the first in what hopefully will be an on-going series of posts summarizing some of my dining experiences. I often find that when I am busy, especially with work (like I am now), I tend to let this blog go by the wayside. Hopefully, with this is condensed version, I can still share some of my stories, even when other things take over my life.

Friday, July 13

Lunch: Coco500, 500 Brannan Street; 415-543-2222

One of the perks of Karen's job is that they have summer hours, which means her weekend starts at 12:30pm Friday afternoon. This past Friday, I took a half-day off to join her in an early weekend.

What we ate:

  • Braised duck panini: shredded duck on lightly toasted bread - dee-lish! Came with a watercress-orange salad on the side.

  • Spaghettini: pasta with local squid in a ink-based sauce with a hint of lemon and olive oil. Also excellent.

  • Truffled squash blossom flatbread: Also very good, though it seemed that it would be more appropriate as an appetizer (which is how we had it) instead of a main course

What we drank:
  • Blueberry fizz: blueberry infused gin, milk, egg white, organic sugar, lemon, seltzer. The citrus was stronger than we expected, but it was still quite good.

  • Samuel Smith's Organic Lager

Dinner: Chutney Restaurant, 511 Jones Street; 415-931-5541

Ah, nothing like dinner in the middle of the Tenderloin at 10pm on a Friday evening (Friday the 13th no less).

What we ate:
  • Saag gosht: Nice tender pieces of lamb in a spinach-based sauce.

  • Chicken Biryani: The rice was nicely flavored, but the chicken was a bit dry.

  • Lamb Kofta: Tasty with a nice amount of spice and seasonings.

  • Naan

Saturday, July 14

Brunch: Mayflower Restaurant, 428 Barber Lane, Milpitas; 408-922-2700

Karen and I went out to dim sum with my mom, who flew into town late the previous evening.

What we ate:

Dinner: Out the Door, 865 Market Street, Westfield San Francisco Centre; 415-541-9913

Karen and I stopped by for a quick dinner before the Ani DiFranco concert at the Warfield.

What we ate:
  • Imperial rolls: With shrimp, pork, tree ear mushrooms, and glass noodles. Very tasty and quite filling.

  • Grilled lemongrass pork over vermicelli noodles with lettuce, cucumber, and mint: A nice, fresh-tasting dish.

  • Star Route Farm baby chard, kale, and mizuna: Sauteed with garlic just the way we like it.

What we drank:


Karen said...

We certainly ate out quite a bit this last weekend. It was all good although I think we'll need to start a "Cooking at home" segment.

Loren said...

No worries - I'll also use the "What We Ate" posts to talk about our home cooking too.

Doctor No said...

Why in the world would anyone "let [their] blog go by the wayside" when they are busy?

Loren said...

Dear Doctor No,

You know the answer to that question, of course. However, I never claimed to "get back to blogging on a more frequent basis" after a specified date and "trying to read and comment as much as possible in the meantime", two phrases which translated to six posts in four months for someone I know.

Doctor No said...

I don't know that guy, but he seems nice.

Doctor No said...

I don't know that guy, but he seems nice.

Doctor No said...

Is there an echo in here?