Friday, April 13, 2007

The Angus Third Pounder

Yesterday was a bit of an unusual work day for me. I started the day at home, flew down to Irvine for an afternoon meeting, and then returned to the Bay Area on an evening flight. Unfortunately, the hour-long segments were not long enough for me to sample the airborne cuisine offered by American Airlines and compare it with the fare from United and Lufthansa.

However, as I was waiting for my return flight, I took the opportunity to try out an Angus Third Pounder, a new sandwich being test-marketed in Southern California by McDonald's. The burger, a premium offering rolled-out to compete with other high-end fast-food sandwiches like the "Six Dollar Burger" marketed by Carl's Jr., comes in three variations: the Angus Deluxe, the Angus Mushroom & Swiss, and the Angus Bacon & Cheese. I opted for the bacon version.

It was okay - par for the course for a fast food burger. Honestly, it wasn't all that different from the other burgers that I've had at Mickey D's, though the burger patty seemed a bit drier than their other offerings. Perhaps this was due to a leaner cut of Angus beef, but don't kid yourself - it has around the same number of calories as a Quarter Pounder, plus or minus a little depending in the version. Good thing that I did a lot of walking today. (I actually walked from the airport to the office and walked back after the meeting.) However, at $3.99 a pop for an Angus burger, I'll probably just stick to Quarter Pounders.