Thursday, November 16, 2006

Where can I get the best fried chicken?

Last night, my girlfriend and I made a return trip to The Front Porch for dinner. Both of us were pretty hungry and in the mood for fried chicken, so we split a bucket between the two of us (yes, there were tons of leftovers), accompanied by sides of grits porridge with scallions and chili oil and caramelized brussels sprouts. The sides were very good; the grits had a nice consistency and packed a surprising amount of heat and the sprouts were unlike any that I had eaten previously - very sweet with absolutely no hint of bitterness. However, the fried chicken was the highlight of the meal. Fried to a deep brown color, the chicken was juicy and coated with a crunchy and flavorful cornmeal crust - very delicious!

Our meal made us wonder: which Bay Area restaurant has the best fried chicken? Is it Front Porch or its sibling, BlueJay Cafe? Or, perhaps it is Farmer Brown, with its organic ingredients. Could it be Powell's Place, which has been serving up its fried chicken to San Francisco for almost 35 years, or is the East Bay's Lois the Pie Queen? A lot of people on Chowhound seem to like Hard Knox Cafe, but then again, a couple of people mentioned Popeye's.

What do you think? Where do you go when you are craving fried chicken?