Sunday, November 19, 2006

Point of Etiquette

My old friend PhDoug recently posted an email that both of us received during our grad school days. The message brought to our attention somethings (sic) that need to be celebrated and some tension to be released. Amoung (sic) the things to be celebrated were all the B-days in september (sic). Since it was ALMOST the semester's first payday, we knew we had to celebrate that and the September B-days, as well as release our negative vibes with an all-out party at the OUTBACK Steakhouse, our place of choice the previous year.

This email gave us some really helpful hints, points of ettiquette (sic) if you will, so that we could enjoy our upcoming dining experience, such as how we impoverished grad students should choose our entree, so that we had enough money left over for any alchoholic (sic) drinks that we might wish to order, as well as desert (sic) if we are tempted. It was good to know that the price was varriable (sic) based on what we ordered. Also, since the Outback is a nice place - not real fancy, but better than what we usually ate at during the semester, the message gave us some guidelines on tipping, which were definitely welcome as it was three days before our pay day. When it comes to the bill, we didn't want to embarash (sic) ourselves by counting pennies. (In the past, we had grad students who were very penny pinching. The Outback is not that type of place.)

As an added plus, our host set up a system of rides to celebrate our stylish occassion (sic), so that we wouldn't have to get there by bus. He also picked up some B-day cards for all those who were coming that we could all sign. What a swell guy!