Thursday, April 24, 2008

0 Fer Four

Another week, another Top Cheftestant going home. Indeed, another Bay Area chef has been eliminated, which leaves us with the following numbers:

  • Number of Bay Area chefs remaining out of the four who started the competition: zero

  • Number of seasons in which a Bay Area cook has been named Top Chef: zero
Looks like we are still below the Mendoza Line.


tesha said...

I must say that not using polish sausage in their polish sausage dish was inexcusable. Jennifer, being from SF or not, should still be on the show. Period. Not happy with Top Chef judges at all. Ryan was a douchebag though.

Loren said...

Tesha, I have to agree with you there. If they didn't even try to use the specific ingredient in their dish, I don't understand why one of them wasn't booted off last week.

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Loren said...

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