Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Getting Ready to Feast Tomorrow

I just got done with the last of my Thanksgiving Day grocery shopping. I'm glad that I took the day off to relax and avoid the mad evening rush at Safeway that inevitably happens the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. As I picked out a fresh turkey for tomorrow night's dinner, I was asked by two different people on how to select and prepare the turkey. I was happy to help, though a bit surprised - it's not like I was wearing a Butterball Turkey Hotline cap or anything like that.

Since it'll only be the two of us for dinner tomorrow, we're going to keep it simple. The menu for tomorrow is (tentatively):

  • Roasted Turkey (not sure what I want to do quite yet - the last time, we made a miso butter-rubbed version)

  • Bread stuffing (I'm not a huge fan of stuffing, but Karen likes it)

  • Cranberry compote (both of us will be making our own variation)

  • Braised leeks (Karen loved the leeks that we had at Ad Hoc, so I thought that I would make some for her)

  • Baked Squash Casserole
Hmmm... I guess that we'll be having a lot of leftovers...


Jeremiah said...

First dibs on leftovers! Mmmmmmm, squash casserole.

Loren said...

Jeremiah, you're assuming that they'll be any squash left over...