Tuesday, May 29, 2007


This post marks the 100th post of my blog. I've really enjoyed writing about my food adventures in and around the Bay Area and I hope that you've enjoyed reading about my exploits as well. Thanks to everyone for their comments and encouragement, especially my sweetie Karen, who has been phenomenally supportive of me and my writing. Please pass along any comments and suggestions that you have. What started out as an exercise to help me improve my writing has turned into a very fun and fulfilling experience for me. Thanks again!


Tesha said...

Loren, I really enjoy your blog. Please continue to share your extensive and unique culinary knowledge with us and I will continue to comment (perhaps not so extensive and unique, but comments none the less)!

Loren said...

Tesha, I'm glad that you enjoy reading the blog. Thanks for all of your comments. Your feedback and comments are a part of what makes writing this blog a lot of fun!